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Explore our diverse range of needle exchange products and services that can be discretely delivered to your home. Our selection not only comes with free shipping but also promises quick and discreet delivery. Our efficient delivery system ensures that your orders arrive promptly while respecting your privacy. Enjoy the ease of staying at and leave the rest to us.


Breakdown of our products:

Complete. (Needle & Syringe)

1ml 27g/29g Fixed Head Syringe (Coloured)

Needles: Green 21g, Blue 23g (1" & 1.25"), Orange 25g (1" & 0.625"), Yellow 30g (0.5")

Check with our team for needle selection.

Syringes: 1ml & 2ml available

Steroid 12-Week Cycle Kit with needles for drawing and injecting

Additional Injecting Equipment: Foil, Water Ampoules, Spoons, Vitamin C, Swabs

Nyxoid/Naloxone Nasal Spray Kit (2 Doses), Naloxone Prenoxad Kits (5 Doses)

Collection of Used Sharps & Sharps Bins: Safeloc, 0.2l-2l bins

Wound Care: ACT Wound Care Packages (Small or Large)

Sexual Health: Condoms Available

Blood Borne Virus Testing: BBV Test, Hepatologist Support Pathway

Food Bank Voucher: Assistance in obtaining a local food package

Bibliotherapy: Informative leaflets and booklets

Guidance & Further Support: Call 0330 363 9997

Spike on a Bike: Clean injecting equipment delivery service by DDAS

For substance use support, call 0330 363 9997


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