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Get sorted Sharpish - Fast, free, life-saving injecting equipment

Spike on a Bike is a service offered by Dyfed Drug and Alcohol Service (DDAS) where you can get clean injecting equipment and other harm reduction services delivered straight to your door – fast and for free.


Across all of Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire – our motorbike riders are ready to deliver your order direct to your door without you needing to leave the house. We want to make DDAS even more accessible to those who face barriers in getting the services they require, even more so since the coronavirus pandemic with this innovative outreach approach.


We understand that accessing a needle exchange or substance use service office is not always easy – this can be because of stigma, fears of contracting COVID-19, problems with mobility, mental or physical health restrictions as well as poor public transport in rural locations.


We are therefore bringing you all you need – on a motorbike in this brand new service delivered to you by DDAS.

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Our Spike on a Bike Service also provides:

Needle Exchange Equipment

Naloxone Dispensing

Overdose Prevention Advice

Responsive Community Discarded Needle Collection

Collection of Used Sharps

HIV, Hepatitis B & C Testing

Harm Reduction Advice

Safer Injecting Advice

Foodbank Voucher

Wound Care

Basic First Aid


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Want to know more about DDAS?

DDAS provides support for people over the age of 18 with a drug and alcohol problem. Whether you need support or whether you're a loved one that needs support - we can help. 

Dyfed Drug and Alcohol Service
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